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You only need this page if you have been directed here from an email sent from Craft Bits. If you did not please return to the main site.

This page is only for activating the shopping basket to send your credit card details to the secure server without ordering. Please DO NOT add anything else to this order as it will not be processed.


PLEASE NOTE - only the card details and the Card Holders Address will be downloaded. If you wish to change anything about the Delivery Address please email us.


Please print this page if you are unsure as to how to proceed.

When you hit the ADD button at the bottom of this page it will send an item called EMPTY ORDER to the shopping basket with a cost of -3.19, this will cancel out the postage cost of
3.20 but leave a penny in there - the basket needs this to go to the Card Details Page. You will NOT be charged this 0.01.


When you get to the shopping basket with the EMPTY ORDER in it please hit the GO TO PAYMENTS button and proceed as normal.


Please remember to fill in the Card Holders Address including the House / Flat Number and Postcode - these are required by the Credit / Debit Card Companies to validate the card.

Please check you put in the correct Credit / Debit Card Number, Expiry Date, Issue Number and CV Number. The CV Number is a special security number which the Credit / Debit Card Companies use to validate the card. The last 4 digits of your Card Number should be printed on the back of your card on the signature strip. After these 4 digits should be 3 more digits, these 3 digits are your CV number. Some cards, including Amex, may be slightly different, they may have 4 digits or be on the front of the card, if you are unsure please contact your card supplier.


You should put your original order number (on the email which activated this page) in the box below so we can match this empty order with your original order.

Please click the ADD button (ONCE ONLY) below to proceed. You should receive an email receipt for this empty order and a new shopper id number - please ignore this. Your original order should be posted within 2 working days unless a delay is noted in the shopping basket. We will email you when your parcel has been sent, or if there is still a problem. 

Thank you for ordering from Craft Bits. We look forward to hearing from you again.



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