Bits and Bobs for all sorts of crafts - no minimum order

Bits and Bobs for all sorts of crafts - no minimum order

Bits and Bobs for all sorts of crafts - no minimum order

Bits and Bobs for all sorts of crafts - no minimum order

Iron-on Teddy Letter Motifs

Iron On Letters are ideal for personalising bags and other craft projects. Each letter is a different design and colour

£0.95 each

Size approx 4cm high

All are packaged with instructions.

Not all letters are in stock. Drop down list shows how many we have left - all are "while stocks last"

Picture Colour Qty Buy
Green Letter B
Green B
Red Letter B
Red B
Letter Orange B
Orange B
Letter Blue B
Blue B
Letter Pink B

Pink B

Letter Yellow C
Yellow C
Letter Red C
Red C
Letter Pink C
Pink C
Letter Darker Green D
Darker Green D
Letter Lighter Green D
Lighter Green D
Letter Red D
Red D
Letter Lilac D
Lilac D
Letter Pink D
Pink D
Letter Purple D

Purple D

Letter Yellow E
Yellow E
Letter Green E
Green E
Letter Pink E

Pink E

Letter Red F
Red F
Letter Lilac F
Lilac F
Letter Yellow F
Yellow F
Letter Green F

Green F

Letter Yellow G
Yellow G
Letter Orange G
Orange G
Letter Pink G
Pink G
Letter Red G
Red G
Letter Blue G
Blue G
Letter Green G

Green G

Letter Yellow I
Yellow I
Letter Green I
Green I
Letter Turquoise I
Turquoise I
Letter Red I
Red I
Letter Blue J

Blue J

Letter Yellow K
Yellow K
Letter Pink K
Pink K
Letter Red K
Red K
Letter Blue K
Blue K
Letter Green K
Green K
Letter Turquoise K
Turquoise K
Letter Orange K

Orange K

Letter Purple L
Purple L
Letter Red L
Red L
Letter Lilac L

Lilac L

Letter Lighter Pink O
Lighter Pink O
Letter Green O
Green O
Letter Orange O
Orange O
Letter Yellow O
Yellow O
Letter Darker Pink O
Darker Pink O
Letter Red O

Red O

Letter Blue P
Blue P
Letter Turquoise P

Turquoise P

Letter Turquoise Q
Turquoise Q
Letter Orange Q

Orange Q

Letter Blue T
Blue T
Letter Green T
Green T
Letter Lilac T
Lilac T
Letter Orange T
Orange T
Letter Red T

Red T

Letter Blue U
Blue U
Letter Red U
Red U
Letter Pink U

Pink U

Letter Blue V
Blue V
Letter Orange V

Orange V

Letter Lilac W
Lilac W
Letter Green W
Green W
Letter Darker Pink W
Darker Pink W
Letter Orange W
Orange W
Letter Lighter Pink W

Lighter Pink W

Letter Yellow X

Yellow X

Letter Yellow Y
Yellow Y
Letter Red Y

Red Y

Letter Green Z
Green Z
Letter Lilac Z

Lilac Z

Permanence of application only guaranteed by sewing.

Postage and Packing is Free (UK only) on orders over £40. Orders under £40 have a P+P cost of £3.80 (UK only) - there is no minimum order amount. All prices include UK VAT.
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