The CPU Head Office Card Payment Phone Line

01733 566617


is open on the days and times shown in the Shopping Basket via the link at the top of the page.


Please do not phone outside these times or days as there is no answer machine for Card Details.


Times are subject to change so please do check the Basket Link at top of page for more details.


The Craft Bits Warehouse is open at different times to the above phone line. They may be able to answer some questions about Craft Bits, but the quickest and best way to get an answer is via email.


All orders must go through the Secure Internet Shopping Basket. We are not able to take phone orders.


Card details can be phoned through to the CPU Head Office during the times shown above AFTER the order has been placed online.


Orders generally need to be placed by 6pm on the day before the days shown in the Shopping Basket. We are not able to send out orders on the same day as ordering at the moment.


Sorry we do not have a catalogue - our website contains all of the items we stock.




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