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EXIT PAGE SURVEY RESULTS (04.04.09 - 02.04.11)


Thanks to everyone for taking part in our Exit Page Survey. 

You can see the results as a Graph by clicking the     next to the question. It should open in a new window - you don't need to close it before clicking the next one.

Q1: Which of our web sites have you shopped with? Click HERE for Question 1 Results

Conclusion - As expected, as this was on the CB exit page, the majority have only visited CB but there is a bit of cross over to our other 2 sites.

Q2: Have you shopped with us before? Click HERE for Question 2 Results

Conclusion - We were pleased that so many are returning customers, we must be doing something right, however it could also be that new customers did not want to do the survey until they had seen our service. This was meant to be about the Website and how you heard about us but some of the comments (Q4 below) were also comments about our service.

Q3: Where did you hear about us? Click HERE for Question 3 Results

Conclusion - This was one of the most important questions for us. We were expecting more 'referrals from friends' after all the emails we get and were very surprised Google was so very high.

Q4: Do you have any feed back for us on our website?

Conclusion - Although this section was a compulsory question you could have just put 'no' - which a few did. The vast majority of comments were very positive - click HERE to see some of them. There were a few asking questions or making comments - you can find them with the answers HERE.

Q5: Gender Click HERE for Question 5 Results

Conclusion - We are surprised there are so few men as many of the names on the orders are male. This might be that they don't like filling in surveys or their wives are using their Credit Card :-)

Q6: Age range Click HERE for Question 6 Results

Conclusion - We were pleasantly surprised the 61-75 age group was quite high - hopefully this means our site is easy to use. it was nice to see some younger customers and even some in the 76-100 group.

Q7: Which Country are you in? Click HERE for Question 7 Results

Conclusion - This graph reflects what we have found in the office - almost 95% are UK orders, we are pleased with the amount of Non-UK parcels sent out at the moment. It's probably because of the Exchange Rates but hopefully they will be happy with the service and continue to shop when the rates go up again.

Q8: Email Address - not mandatory

We got quite a few people put their email address in and will sent anyone who did an email with a link to this page. If your comment has not been answered satisfactorily please let us know. In accordance with our normal Privacy Policy, your emails have not, and will not, be passed on to anyone else.